Know Us

We are an alliance of four local tourism groups that is formed by members of the community of Salt Creek (Quebrada Sal), which belong to Ngabe originary people.

Between the blue Caribbean Sea, with its mangroves, coral reefs and paradisiac islands, and the dense rainforest of Isla Bastimentos, is the Ngobe community of Quebrada Sal (Salt Creek).

Here, the local organization ALIATUR (Alliance for Tourism of Quebrada Sal) has created the conditions so that visitors to the Bocas del Toro Archipelago can learn about the culture of this originary people, its crafts, its dances and its stories.

But not all ends there: four ecological trails in the surrounding forests allow the tourist to appreciate the rich fauna and flora of the region, also offering typical accommodation and food for those who wish to stay for a day or more in the village.

As if this were not enough, its proximity to the Bastimentos Island National Marine Park allows in a short time, to visit the wonderful Zapatilla Keys and enjoy its beaches, its coral reefs and its trail.